Helping thoroughbred businesses shape their future through innovative marketing strategy & beautiful design.

Mission Statement
Kick Collective is a full-service marketing agency comprised of creative minds who have a passion for thoroughbred horse racing.

We are a team of driven individuals who are fuelled by a fiery determination to defy convention and pave the way for a groundbreaking standard of marketing. Our strategies are finely honed, guided by a focus on psychology, epic design and modern marketing concepts

We are kicking marketing into shape and we won’t settle for anything less than extraordinary!

A Global Agency

With clients located in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, France, America, Ireland and England, Kick Collective is a thoroughbred marketing agency with a truly international perspective. Our team represents a diverse collection of nations that all have one thing in common – we love horse racing!

What does a
client look like?

You are excited by innovation and smart concepts. You appreciate clean, beautiful design that delivers a punchy statement. You know it’s a digital world that needs modern, mobile solutions.

By placing a priority on the future, you are dedicated to upholding high standards of equine welfare, pushing our industry forward and setting a benchmark for excellence.

You revel in the knowledge that as you blaze the trail, imitators will emerge – but you won’t be caught napping, for you dance nimbly, forever a step ahead, maintaining your brand’s dominance over cool marketing!

Book a discovery call

To kick off our relationship, we’ll have a 20 minute discovery call where we’ll delve into the depths of your business goals. Then we’ll explore strategies that will deliver a marketing masterpiece tailored just for you!

Currently, Kick Collective Australia is not accepting new clients. We will reassess our availability in June; feel free to reach out to if you wish to express interest.

We are also involved in several projects designed to grow the industry including Kick Up, an initiative to give a positive voice to horse racing, and the Kick Sales Platform, a digital system that offers sale vendors a platform to publish transparent information.

We offer a 33% discount for relevant not-for-profit initiatives aimed at improving and growing the horse racing industry. If this is you, reach out and we’ll chat about how we might be able to help!

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